To The Muses

Today I’d like to highlight a few of my favorite bloggers. Although I could name many more influential people, these are a few that come to mind. Not only have each of these blogs become a muse in my design ideologies, but they represent hard-working entrepreneurs. My hope is to be a lifelong student of brave, successful people like these as I pursue my own dreams.

Bonnie Tsang : For the way she captures light and color in the best of places.

credit: bonnie tsang
Credit: Bonnie Tsang

Erica Chan Choffman + Lauren Kolodny : For their eclectic-chic finds of art, fashion, places, photography, and everything related. Their blog is a treasure trove of visual delight.

Erica + Lauren
Credit: Erica + Lauren

Deb Perelman : For the recipes and stunning food photography. And sometimes you just need a new, delicious treat!

Credit : Smitten Kitchen

Erin Gates : For her raw, honest words regarding life and her chic style in fashion and interiors.

Erin Gates at her Boston book signing event
Credit : Erin Gates, Boston book release party

Darling Magazine: For writing truth about the art of being a woman in a society filled with skewed perspectives. Their words come from many different voices – all who are passionate about redefining womanhood, purpose, beauty, and value. Oh, and they have the most beautiful print magazines!

Darling Magazine's mission
Credit : Darling Magazine

Joy Cho : For her bright, spirited products and for always bringing her precious family into her work and blog.

Joy Cho + family  Credit : Luke + Katherine of Max + Friends
Credit : Luke + Katherine

The Levo League : For inspiring female careers around the nation and providing sound advice for advancement in my own career path.

Credit : Levo League


Here’s the to the muses and the inspiration they continually provide!


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