A Look at Nancy Klompus Buy Request

This week I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Nancy Klompus, founder and owner of Nancy Klompus Buy Request.

Nancy has always loved clothes and fashion, graduating college with a degree in Fashion Merchandising from the University of Arizona. Throughout her career, Nancy has worked at large fashion retail companies such as Saks Fifth Avenue, learning from and contributing to the fashion styling industry. As a personal shopper, she has helped clients find confidence and self-worth through clothing and fashion. Eventually, Nancy found herself in a place to begin her own Dallas business, which is the story I was most interested in.

Nancy builds her business on the philosophy,

If it doesn’t fit and make you feel fabulous, then it doesn’t go in your closet.

Credit: Nancy Klompus

When I asked her to tell me a surprising difficulty in starting her own business, Nancy noted that “as an entrepreneur you’re always working” as opposed to a corporate job where she was able to leave her work at work. Although she loves what she does, she says that you must have determination and drive in order to successfully preserve a business.

Owning your own business clearly demands passion and strong work ethic, both of which Nancy possesses; even though she works from home you wouldn’t find her laying on the couch watching a movie marathon every day of the week. Rather, she often works 6-7 days per week in order to stay on top of her responsibilities of meeting with clients, shopping for and with these clients, as well as keeping up with paperwork and invoices.

Businesses are always evolving and Nancy has found that to be true especially as she looks back over her 10 years of running Buy Request. She runs her business differently than she did on day one, and realizes that her process will always be evolving depending on her clients or her own life. But that is the beauty of entrepreneurship! Nancy is able to be her own boss and choose her work hours each week, while having the power of creative direction in her company.

Nancy’s proudest accomplishment is her consistent growth of a client base. Her ability to continue gaining clients while tailoring her work hours per week has given her more flexibility in life. She also puts a strong emphasis on training others in her business. Nancy often works with one or two interns (whom she calls her “fashion daughters”) who are working and learning the business by her example. She has passion to train others and be generous with her time so that this next generation of fashion leaders have knowledge and experience.

Finally, Nancy shared that she looks to other entrepreneurs and CEOs for inspiration and motivation. As a person excited by entrepreneurism, I’m inspired by Nancy and her successes, and I’m sure I’m not alone. Thank you, Nancy, for your model of entrepreneurship and for sharing that with me!

Credit: Nancy Klompus
Credit: Nancy Klompus

Learn more about Nancy Klompus Buy Request on her website.


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