Compelling Words: For Twentysomethings

“In one way or another, almost every twentysomething client I have wonders, 'Will things work out for me?' The uncertainty behind that question is what makes twentysomething life so difficult, but it is also what makes twentysomething action so possible and so necessary. It's unsettling to not know the future and, in a way, even more... Continue Reading →

Floral Fridays: A Close Look at Burberry

Today's installment features a fashion legend whose fame began in 1856, when a 21-year-old Thomas Burberry opened up his shop. Thomas brought gabardine outdoor-wear to the London public and began a movement that has lasted over 150 years. Quality and craftsmanship anchored the business; even today Burberry is named among the most valuable brands. Every time... Continue Reading →

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